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When it comes to trying to decide the best home & garden designs, it’s very important to know where your starting point is. Without a starting point it can be very difficult to get the right home accents and instead you wind up with a proverbial car crash of styles and themes that you “quite” like but couldn’t decide what the best was!Of course, this type of mix and match mentality will leave you with a crazy home décor and garden that you simply cannot take seriously when you walk into it. Things like wall art home and garden alike is very important as the walls are usually left bare, leaving a huge potential for creating a design and a style left unused in most households.If you are looking for home goods that suit a particular style, then the best place to start is by looking at things like vases and decorative trays. Not only does this give you an immediate insight into what is within your price range, but it can be a great starting location for what it is you want to actually create and achieve.The best way to do this, of course, would be to start with the color of the room indoors. Are you going for a cooler or lighter color? If you want the room to be smaller, then go for a cool color as it brings the room in more, and vice versa for warmer colors. This can give you a basis for what you want the theme to be.If you want the room to be cool, then you want a more relaxed environment. This means that for things like living rooms and studies you want a nice relaxing vibe to the room, not a feeling of energy and excitement – this is best left for things like games rooms and where you tend to congregate when you have visitors.Much like wall color, wall art can be very important.It’s better to try and choose the wall art last, though. Try and stick to the one design as well. This means that mixing more abstract designs that are cut into smaller pictures with larger, more ornate frames will not look right so try and avoid that if you can at all.As you can see, there is quite a lot to think about when it comes to home décor. This is just scratching the surface as there is so much you need to think about like placement and effect on the room as well as what is going where, but it’s usually best to decide the color first and the wall art last.

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